There are different Business Directories :

Try all different Business Directories offered by
Every Engine has different results,
Most companies are listed in serveral directories
but the results are not the same ...

Products / Produits - Business to Consumers
find products and order them directly (example Schampoo, Perfume, Shoes)

Product Yellow Pages by Amazon

Business to Consumers
Companies froviding Products or Sevices for End Users
(example Restaurant)

Business to Business
Companies providing Products for Professionals
(example Food producer)
Nor 47

search through the Government
Government of Norway
Norwegian Gov Search
this search engine goes through
all the Norwegian ministeries,
maybe the company you are looking for
has been mentioned at some point.

search in another country
Phone Book of the
Phone Book of the
Annuaire du
maybe the person you are looking for has moved
and can be cound through the directory of another country

good luck ...